Water Leak Detection & Repairs


Expensive water bill? Ground constantly wet? Water meter spinning when all taps are turned off? These are just some of the obvious signs of a water leak. An undetected leak can lose a few or thousands of liters of water per day. This can cost you significant $$$ depending on the severity of the leak.

Using the latest in sonar leak detection equipment, we not only accurately pin point your leak, but can repair it the same day. Regardless of the difficulty of the repair, whether that is deep underneath a concrete driveway, house slab, decked area or just a simple repair that is shallow and easy to access, we have the machinery available to accommodate all repairs.

Gold Coast Leak Detection have licensed plumbers that have the knowledge and experience to fix the leak according to Australian standards and are qualified to provide the necessary paperwork and documentation required by the council to allow you to receive a rebate back from your excessive water bill.

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